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Aquatic Sciences Laboratory

The Aquatic Sciences Laboratory is a multipurpose research facility operated by the Montana University system Water Center at Montana State University – Bozeman campus. Originally established as the Wild Trout Research Laboratory in 1996, the facility was dedicated to whirling disease research. Recent major renovation now broadens the range of research that can be conducted at the facility.

The laboratory’s main tank systems are closed recirculating systems with minimum discharge. Effluent is drained into a boiler system for disinfection prior to release into a septic drain field. The lab is not located near any open water body, nor is it connected to the City of Bozeman’s sewage system, so the chance of escape or contamination of local water bodies is negligible. Laboratory layout includes a main building and a fenced area behind the building to accommodate outdoor and larger studies.

Our laboratory facilities are available to fisheries and other aquatic researchers, and rental fees are assessed on a monthly basis. Laboratory use is open to all viable research projects, and personnel can assist with experimental design and planning when needed.


Lab Overview [243 KB PDF] Lab Brochure [1.3 MB PDF]

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