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Established in 1964 by an act of Congress, the Montana Water Center advances water research, information, education, and problem-solving partnerships throughout the state of Montana and beyond. It is one of 54 Centers in the nation collectively known as the Water Resources Research Institutes. [2011 Highlights | 569 KB PDF] Click to ask the Water Center

Water facts - did you know that...?
Montana may be divided into four topographic regions, the glaciated plains of northeastern Montana, the sedimentary pains of southeastern Montana, the foothills of central Montana, and the mountainous regions the western and south-central Montana.
Source: Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Water Resources Division, "A Comprehensive Water and Related Restoration Plan for the State of Montana," 1976

Job Announcements
Professional Scientist
MBMG - Billings
Posted:9/19/2014 2:27:28 PM » details
Professional Scientist, Assistant Research Hydrogeologist
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology - GWIP
Posted:9/19/2014 11:10:40 AM » details

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