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Small Utility Board Training

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Being a decision maker for a small water utility can be a challenge. This course is designed to help water board members and elected officials understand the basic principles of public water system regulation, operation, planning, budgeting and communication.

Videos, animations and interactive documents provide new board members with valuable tools and experience to hit the ground running. This course contains over three hours of total training time.

Videos of actual board member interviews, meeting coverage, water system procedures and emergency scenarios are inside. 90 minutes worth!
Animated Activities teach complex topics, provide valuable planning tools and quiz users with questions.
Photos/Illustrations add further visual assistance to the subject matter.
Printable manuals are included as PDFs by chapter and course for easy printing and portable reading.
CEC Information

Completion of this program may qualify for professional education credit. However, your state certification officer is the final authority on this decision. Please check with your state certification officer before beginning this program to verify the requirements in your state. Read our FAQ page for more information.

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