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Before beginning any of our programs please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages for information about continuing education credits, product availability and technical issues.

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Arsenic & Radionuclides: Small Water System Treatment Eperiences

Arsenic & Radionuclides consists of four 10-minute video presentations and auxiliary resource files. The purpose is to help small-water-system personnel understand the requirements and challenges of treating their source water for arsenic or radionuclides from the perspective of their peers who operate treatment facilities

Release Date: February 2012

Decision-Maker's Guide to Montana's Water

The Decision-Maker's Guide is a primer of water science and regulation, designed to assist Montana officials at all levels of government understand the basic workings of Montana water resources, and their own responsibilities towards these resources. The Guide takes the form of seven "modules" for live or over-the-Internet presentation. Additional, more in-depth technical resources are available for download from this site, and there are links to additional useful sites.

Presentation Dates: December 2010 - December 2011

Saving Water & Energy in Small Water Systems
Saving Water & Energy
The Saving Water & Energy training program consists of four 45-minute presentations and associated resource files. The presentations are meant for use in classroom or workshop settings. When the four presentations are given by approved trainers, they may entitle attendees to as many as three professional development hours of training (total). Please Note: Continuing-education credits are determined by each state's operator-certification office.

Release Date: August 2010

Water Quality Expedition
Water Quality Expedition takes water system personnel and regulators on a virtual expedition through water quality issues. Subjects such as fate and transport, iron and manganese, hard water, nutrients, wastewater treatment, and emerging contaminants are covered in depth. Animated activities display processes by which waters gain physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Video Documentaries consult experts as they present first-hand knowledge of water quality research and issues.

Release Date: February 2008

Contamination Explorer
Contamination Explorer
Contamination Explorer, intended for operators and junior-level regulatory officials, focuses on contamination issues for public drinking water systems. Biological sources of contamination are highlighted, with a primary emphasis on ways that operators can avoid introducing contamination into their systems. Realistic 3D animation allows the user to fully understand complex microscopic issues relating to system contamination.

Release Date: April 2007

Small Utility Board Training
Small Utility Board Training
Being a decision maker for a small water utility can be a challenge. Small Utility Board Training is designed to help water board members and elected officials understand the basic principles of public water system regulation, operation, planning, budgeting and communication.

Videos, animations and interactive documents provide new board members with valuable tools and experience to hit the ground running. This course contains over three hours of total training time.

Release Date: February 2007

Stormwater Control: Implementing Construction Site BMPs
Stormwater Control
Stormwater Control is designed to help contractors know when and how to implement, manage and maintain BMPs. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are widely used for stormwater management on construction sites larger than one acre. Effective control of sediment at disturbed sites is often compromised by both the limited number of BMPs available to the contractor and limited installation experience. The program focuses on the Northern Rockies.

The program consists of two sections:

The Graphic Guide: An animated and interactive tutorial covering the basics and critical points of stormwater BMPs.

The Resource Library: A searchable stormwater manual and index of annotated case study photos with captions.

Note: This program will always be available to run online.

Release Date: December 2006

Virtual System Explorer
Virtual System Explorer
Virtual System Explorer is an immersive "Exploration" of three small public drinking water systems in DVD format. This tool can be used for continuing education purposes as it is tracked and scored when used in a computer. It also works well for workshops and at-home use on a standard DVD player. Full-screen presentation of video and animation with attention to font sizes makes this tool useful for projected presentations or TV viewing.

Users can begin with a narrated two-hour overview of system operations in the "Exploration Basics" course, and then progress to a half-hour interactive tour of each system -- a ground water system with no treatment, a ground water system with treatment and a small surface water treatment system. Three operational problems are presented in each system "Exploration" that must be solved. These will be in-depth activities, each lasting about ten minutes. This tool is four individual courses that total five hours of study.

Release Date: April 2006

Operator Basics Training Series
Operator Basics Training Series Operator Basics Training Series is our popular multimedia training tool for small public ground water, surface water and wastewater lagoon systems.

The 2005 Version includes the following courses:

  • Ground Water Systems
  • Surface Water Systems
  • Wastewater Lagoon Systems
  • Water Explorations Showcase

Extra features include:

  • Math Practice [500 problems]
  • Exam Prep [500 questions]
  • Resources
  • Glossary Games

Release Date: April 2005

Microbial Risk Assessment Tool
Microbial Risk Assesment Tool
Microbial Risk Assessment Tool is a user-friendly computational tool that helps small water systems assess (by component) their vulnerability to microbial contamination. The project goal is to foster technical and managerial capacity in small water systems drawing from springs, wells, surface waters or any combination of sources.

Release Date: July 2005

POU-RO Training Tool
POU-RO Training Tool
The purpose of the POU-RO Training Tool is to familiarize engineers and other water treatment professionals with the use of centrally managed, point-of-use reverse osmosis (POU-RO) systems in order to comply with the arsenic drinking water regulations.

Release Date: January 2004

Source Water Protection Training
Source Water Protection Training Interactive Guides
Source Water Protection Training Interactive Guides have been produced for Montana, Pennsylvania, and three EPA Region 5 states -- Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. These guides are useful for operator training and for producing protection plans using a template-based approach. The courses vary in duration and complexity. All provide multimedia training on basic concepts and detailed guidance on source water protection planning.

Release Date: June 2004

Sanitary Survey Fundamentals Prep Course
Sanitary Survey Fundamentals Prep Course
The Sanitary Survey Fundamentals Prep Course is targeted toward new field staff responsible for inspection and evaluation of small water systems for sanitary risks and compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. This is a good preparation tool to use before attending an advanced workshop.

Release Date: September 2003

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Other Products
Ground Water Manual for Small Public Systems
Ground Water Manual
This is the original Montana-specific version of the Ground Water Manual for Small Public Water Systems in Adobe PDF format.

Release Date: September 1999

TACNet Web Site
EPA Technical Assistance Center website
Technical Assistance Center Network (TACNet) is a web portal for eight EPA grant-funded institutions. From here you can find free resources available to small public water system operations, and see training tools from any of the Technical Assistance Centers nationwide.

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